Use your Enhanced Learning Credits (ELC) to gain nationally and internationally recognised qualifications in Project Management.
The ELC Scheme is an initiative promoting learning for members of the Armed Forces. IPSO FACTO is an approved training provider registered with the ELCAS scheme, and our training provider number is 4030.

Why choose IPSO FACTO?

Training with IPSO FACTO provides you with the assurance that you are using an ELC approved training organisation with an excellent reputation. All our approved, professional trainers are highly skilled in their field, ensuring the best possible learning outcome for all our ELC delegates. Our ELC courses are delivered at our Southampton-Solent venue which is conveniently located between Portsmouth and Southampton. We are here to answer any questions you may have about our project management courses and to help you make a successful career transition.

ELCAS Project Management Bundles

To make best use of your ELC funding IPSO FACTO offers bundled project management courses that can be taken within the same funding period.

We deliver single or bundled options with courses leading to qualifications on the National Qualifications Framework at level 3 or above.
We are pleased to announce our new Diploma in the Remote Piloting of unmanned aircraft for commercial operations (Drone) course.
This is the only Fast Track PfCO Drone course on the market.
The course has a significant discount for ELCAS delegates going through resettlement.

All courses listed above are also available individually using your ELCAS funding. Please contact us for further details: [email protected] or call us on: 01489 588453.

Q & A for ELCAS funded Project Management courses with IPSO FACTO

Can I combine courses?Yes. You can combine courses and use your full allowance to book bundled courses under one claim.

Are combination courses set, or can I change the mix?IPSO FACTO course bundles have been agreed by ELCAS. So you must accept these bundle options.

Do courses need to run sequentially and be within a set period? Sequentially no, but to benefit from your ELCAS funding it is advisable to book your courses within the same credit period.

Can I separate food costs from a course? Yes. We can separate any course cost.

Can you send me receipts for the course? Yes. We will invoice you via email.

Can the cost of a bundle be expanded over two credit periods? Yes. Provided the first part of the course bundle is taken in the first credit period and the next course is taken at the earliest convenient time, then there is not a problem.

What are IPSO FACTO pass rates? PRINCE2® Foundation: 99%. PRINCE2® Practitioner 87%. PFQ: 100%. PMQ 82%. PMQ results are affected by your experience.

Are there penalties if I'm sent on deployment at short notice and need to change course dates? No. Providing your circumstances can be supported by an email or letter from your Commanding Officer.

Do I book courses through the ELC? No. Book directly with IPSO FACTO.

Are your prices the same if I decide to use different funding options? Yes.

Where can I get more information? Contact us: +44 (0)1489 588453, [email protected] or Or visit the ELCAS site.
CTP Courses The following courses are advertised on CTP and IPSO FACTO websites. You'll find costs, course dates and training venues along with information to book a course. Please contact us for more information. Book Now

Courses advertised on CTP website

  • The Career Transition Partnership (CTP) is the Ministry of Defence working with Right Management. Leave the Royal Navy, Army, Royal Air Force or the Royal MarinesPFQ: Project Fundamentals Qualification
  • PMQ: Project Management Qualification
  • PMQ for PRINCE2® Practitioners
  • PRINCE2® Foundation & Practitioner
  • Bundle 1: PFQ and PRINCE2®
  • Bundle 2: PRINCE2® and PMQ
  • Bundle 3: PFQ and PMQ
  • Microsoft Excel for Project Managers
  • Microsoft Project Introduction
  • Microsoft Project Advanced
  • Finance for Non-Financial Managers
  • Presentation skills for Business

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